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Hello poker lovers and welcome to the most conclusive poker related website you might find on the internet. We here in 'Poker Skill Game' are dedicated to passing all our poker expertise to the wide crowd of poker lovers around the world. You might ask yourself 'Why would they want to make their poker opponents better players?' the answer is simple – We believe that the people will know how to play poker, the more new players will be attracted to the game. The moment poker will be perceived by people as a pure game of Texas Holdem skill the more people will be fascinated by it and play it as a sport and not only as some type of gambling entertainment. The more people take poker seriously and look at expert poker players as skillful sportsmen, the more new players will be attracted to the game.

Poker Skill Game team is here to try and transfer all the knowledge gathered from our years of poker playing, both in online poker rooms and in casino poker rooms and tournaments. We hope you will find our site as a good source to quality guides and tips to the world of poker games.

  • Playing in a social poker is one of the financially rewarding experiences. But, such can only be achieved if the player knows exactly what to do when seated at a social poker table.

  • Shannon Shorr is one of those young poker professionals who are proving that they can play just as good as the poker giants who have been in the industry for a long time. Poker has been making Shorr a millionaire, but he is still interested in obtaining a ...