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Shannon Shorr: Another Young, Successful Poker Pro

If you look at Shannon Shorr, you would not think that he is a poker player. He looks very young and seems as if he does not know a lot when it comes to poker. He just looks like a typical man in his early twenties who is not interested in things other than baseball or basketball, movies, or parties. But Shannon Shorr is someone to watch out for in the poker industry. He may look innocent but once he is at the poker table, his presence just always says that he is determined to succeed as poker professional.

Born in Birminghan, Alabama on June 7, 1985, Shannon Shorr used to be a baseball player when he was still a high school student at Shades Valley High School in Irondale, Alabama. He was trying to complete a degree in civil engineering from the University of Alabama when he chose to drop out in favor of becoming a young poker professional. He made a very risky decision, knowing that playing professional poker meant that he was going to gamble his entire life. But Shannon Shorr has always been determined, and his determination seems to be leading him to the right direction.

Shannon Shorr's career as a young poker professional has been taking him to different places. He was already well-equipped to compete at major tournaments before he turned twenty one years old, which is the legal gambling age in the United States. This prompted him to compete outside the United States. He did not mind this at all because he also had the opportunity to travel. But no matter where poker tournaments take him, he knows that he will always call Tuscaloosa, Alabama his true home.

Shannon Shorr earned his first real poker winnings worth US$206,313 when he competed at the Crown Australian Poker Championship that was held in January 2006 in Melbourne, Austalia. This young poker professional was one of the players of the No Limit Hold'em Championship wherein he landed as the fourth prize winner.

At the Harrah's Lake Tahoe Poker Tournament, which is a World Series of Poker Circuit Event, Shannon Shorr joined No Limit Hold'em games twice, wherein this young poker professional placed 2nd and 3rd, and won US$28,130 and US$11,524, respectively.

Shannon Shorr also experienced being a first placer at the Bellagio Cup II tournament that was conducted in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2006. Those who watched the game just could not help not to get envious of this young poker professional who won US$960, 690. He joined in two other events of the tournament wherein he finished in the money.

Shannon Shorr has been playing in major poker tournaments since 2006 only but he has already accumulated poker winnings that amount to approximately US$2,000,000. But what's another good thing about this young poker professional is that he intends to go back to school to finish his studies. Way to go, Shannon!

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