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South American Poker Tournament

Competition contestants who want to participate in a chief occasion near the equator should begin reserving their permits to Santo Domingo since that is where the Majestic Poker Tour, initiates opening the upcoming month. The Majestic Poker Tour is a five events sequence that happens all the way through South America. Each event will give as a prize no less than a single place to the World Series of Poker most important episode. The initial of the five competitions will be at the George Washington Hotel in Santo Domingo. The entry to this poker event will be $2,100 for 10,000 chips and the re-buys will be $1,000 for 5,000 chips.

The MPT will arrive to the Casino Margarita in Venezuela for its next event. The entry fee for this occasion will be something like $2,250. The competition will be at the JW Marriott Lima. A thousand dollars will get you 1,500 tournament chips. The re-buys will be at least $500 for 750 competition chips. The entry fee will be around $1,050 USD for 5,000 poker event chips and re-buys will be charged at $500 for 2,500 poker game chips. As for the finishing point, the tournament will return to the Casino Margarita in Venezuela later this year. The final poker tournament will have an entry fee off around $4,500 in Bolivian money and the re-buys will cost $930 USD for 2.5 million poker tournament chips.

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